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Established in 2001, MayAir, the homegrown international brand for has created trademark legend in China’s cleanroom industry. MayAir is also one of the leading filtration company in the industry of manufacturing, developing and providing air filtration equipment. Powered by 700 world class engineers, we are committed to design and provide effective air purification technology to our customers.

With more than 20 years of experience and breakthroughs, MayAir stands proven as a dependable producer and developer of highly effective air filtration equipment and clean air solutions. As an international filtration brand, MayAir landed its sales office all around Asia: Malaysia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. 

On the other hand, MayAir’s customers comprises large multinational and domestic manufacturers. In recent years, MayAir has also strategically grown and established as key player in the indoor air quality solutions for commercial market across China, South East Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-East and India. Key flagship commercial projects include providing solutions for airport terminals, skyscrapers, convention centres, subway, offices and school. 


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