D-Guard (Air Purifier with Argenzil Anti-Bacterial HEPA Filter)

Medical Grade Air Purifier

Product Highlight

  • Specially engineered formaldehyde removal filter media.
  • 2 options: PM 2.5 purification and formaldehyde purification.
  • High air handling volume – effective in large space.
  • Ultra-thin design- space saving, equipped with wheel for the ease of moving.
  • Rental and purchase service available.

Product Description

Product Applications:

Suitable use in Commercial Building, Healthcare & Hospital

Product Features:

Dimensions (WxHxD)/ Net weight:1010×1585×170mm/85kg
Power Supply:1PH/220V/50Hz | 1PH/220V/60Hz
Control Method:Touch screen panel
Power Consumption:15-206W
Air Flow:1.196/0.56/0.318m/s    |    1.292/0.614/0.396m/s
Noise Level (Sound Pressure):32-61dB(A)
CADR of Particulate Matter:1159.92m³/h
Energy efficiency of Particulate Matter:5.58m³/(h*W)/High efficiency
PM2.5 removal efficiency 30m³,20min:99.90%
Coverage Area:100㎡
Certificate and test report:AHAM / Energy Star / EMC / CE / Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report
Staphylococcus Albus 8032 removal efficiency 20m³,2h:99.98%
Natural bacteria 45m³,2h:99.53%
Microbes Removal Efficiency:Yes