HEPA Filter Box

Good air tight performance, connecting with duct work, suitable for air filtration ranging from 10,000k to 100k cleanroom. Hepa filter box is widely used in operating theatre, laboratory, pharmacy, micro-electronics, film and packaging which require high grade of clean environment.


  • Room Replaceable Design
  • Low Height; Low Weight
  • Air Tight Performance
  • Meet Fire Brigade Requirement


Product Description


Sit on top type is use to install on ceiling tee. Bracket up type is use to install on ceiling PU wall. After completed the installation of HEPA box, then follow by HEPA filter. However the installation of HEPA filter can only be installed after the clean environment achieved. This prolongs the filter lifespan. Additionally, pre-filters no less than F8 (dust-spot 90%-95%) is suggested to install in order to further prolong the HEPA filter lifespan.


Replaceable Structure

The casing can be fixed on the ceiling, room replaceable design. The HEPA filter can be replaced without remove the module or duct works.


Low Height & Weight

The casing is made of anodized aluminium, galvalume, EG steel with powder coating. Standard height is 225mm only, easy for carry and installation.


Widely Used & Suitable for All Kinds of Ceilings

HEPA filter box comprise a 300mm inlet air collar, an adjustable perforated plate, airflow diffuser. The size is suit to the international HEPA filter sizes.


Meet the Requirement of Fire Brigade

The casing is insulated with 10mm PE, fire rating B1/B2 class