Mini Pleat Air Filter (M-MII)

Mini Pleat Air Filter M-MII is suitable to install in variable air flow condition or turbulent air environment. Small in size, light weight, rigid construction, high efficiency & low air resistance make M-MII one of the best solution for quality indoor application. This filter is manufactured under strictly control clean environment to assure it’s quality and performance.

Mini Pleat Air Filter Advantages

  • High dust holding mini-pleated filter
  • Light weight & easy to install
  • Sturdy, rigid construction
  • Space saving design (95mm depth)
  • Low initial pressure drop


Product Description


Average dust spot efficiency: 60~65%, 80~85%, 90~95%

EN779 classification: F6, F7, F8

Casing: GI, Beverage Board

Filter Media: Glass fiber, Synthetic fiber

Sealant: PU

Separator: Hot melt glue


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