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Environmental Solutions

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environment cleanliness

In the process of industrial production and processing, VOCs, oil mist, dust and other substances will be generated. If not effectively treated, it will endanger the health of people and the environment. MayAir deal with different industrial waste gases and have developed professional treatment solutions.

1. Zeolite runner module unit

The zeolite runner module unit adopts a honeycomb zeolite adsorption material, and uses the adsorption-desorption-cooling three-zone continuous temperature-changing adsorption and desorption procedures to complete the adsorption of VOCs and the regeneration of the runner.

The organic waste gas with low concentration and large flow is discharged into the atmosphere after being purified by zeolite adsorption, and the concentrated gas with high concentration and small flow is burned into H2O and CO2 by the oxidation device to be discharged into the atmosphere and circulated.

2. VOCs governance system

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